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The Tomato Farming Game tasks players to care for a tomato plant. Players harvest tomatoes, prune the stems of the plant, and use products to influence the growth behavior of their plant.

  • Harvest tomatoes (click on them)
  • Prune plant stems (hold down mouse button and drag through stems to cut)
  • Use products to influence the growing behavior of your plant

Samuel Karabetian - Design, Programming
Mikael Ferroukhi - Design, Art
Elias Faltin - Design, Art, Sound and Music, Production

The game was developed using Unity
Art was created in Photoshop and Affinity Designer
Sound Effects and Music were made with FL Studio

This game was made in two weeks production time. We made it to apply and critically engage with Rilla Khaled's "Reflective Game Design" (2018) theory, so that Mikael and Elias could write their Bachelor thesis about the process of applying Khaled's theory into practice. The game is intentionally designed to cause disruption, failure, and surprise at certain points in order to evoke reflective thoughts about it's systems in the player.

The game is based on a prototype which was created in one week in a previous course. This prototype is playable at:

Install instructions

  1. Unpack the .zip archive.
  2. Locate the executable file within the folder
  3. Double click to start


Download 56 MB
Download 56 MB

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